FULL IMPACT Wrestling Review 10/20. New Tag Champs Crowned, 2 New Returning Competitors For X Division Title Tournament, 3 Matches Announced for Next Week, and More!

BTI (Before the IMPACT)

Dirty Dango versus Johnny Swinger Zicky Dice. Swinger is holding Dango by the arms, and when Dango moves, Dice accidentally hits Swinger in the face with a Fanny pack. Dango capitalizes and hits the Falcon Arrow for the victory.

IMPACTonAXSTV episode —

We start off the show with Juice Robinson and Chris Bey backstage getting hyped for the tag match they have. When they got looking for Ace, they find him laid out in the parking lot after being attacked. Tommy Dreamer walks out to see if Ace is OK. Juice and Bey immediately ask Dreamer where Bully Ray is and if he did this.

The match ends up being Juice Robinson & Chris Bey instead of Ace Austin & Chris Bey, for obvious reasons.

Lots of tension between Juice & Bully before the match can even start. Bully and Dreamer pick up the victory when Billy pins Robinson. Juice is after Bully!

Bully hits Juice with the Bully Bomb and then covers him for the victory.

Post-match, Bully tells Chris Bey that he wasn’t the one who attacked Ace.

We go backstage to a video of Rhyno and Heath delivering a message to the IMPACT Tag Team Champions!

We go backstage to a single locker of Bully Ray. Dreamer approached Billy and Dreamer wants the truth from Ray about who attacked Ace. Moose interrupts and says it could’ve been either one of them. Calls Ray a scum bag and says he is too, so it could’ve been him and nobody would know it.

Next up is Mia Yim vs Taylor Wilde

Wilde hits the ring.

Both women waste no time in going after each other.

Mia goes on the offensive!

Taylor hits the Wilde Ride for the victory. VXT and Shaw hit the ring after.

IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts World Chamion Jordynne Grace makes the save!

Post match, walking backstage…Grace, Mickie, and Taylor Wilde walk backstage after standing tall over VXT and Gisele Shaw in the ring.

We get the announcement made official that next next week, VXT & Gisele Shaw will be taking on the team of Mickie James, Taylor Wilde, and IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champion, Jordynne Grace.

Joe Hendry takes on gut check winner, Jason Hotch.

Hendry taking control!

Hendry ends the match.

We go back to the ring to Scott D’Amore addressing the X Division title situation. Frankie Kazarian comes out with the X Division championship. He discuses how he’s done it all but hasn’t done one thing and that’s win the Impact World Championship.

He hands over the title to Scott, who says there will be an eight man tournament to crown a new champion and the finals will be at Overdrive November 18th. The same night, Kazarian will face Josh Alexander. Frankie goes on to discuss how wrestling has brought him successes and failures but also gave him his wife Traci Brooks and their son Rebel. Steve Maclin attacks Kazarian but Josh Alexander comes down to make the save.

Back in the parking lot, Eddie Edwards is seen for the first time in 2 weeks, since his recent loss to Josh Alexander at Bound for Glory. Eddie said he’ll address the status of his marriage and Honor No More in the ring later.

Kazarian is talking to Josh Alexander backstage. He thanks Josh for having his back Maclin jumped him, and tells Josh not to ever trust Bully Ray.

Eric Young w/Deaner takes on Rich Swann

Swann with some great offense.

Deaner tried to distract Swann, but it wasn’t enough to keep Swann from hitting Eric with a reverse roll up pin for the victory.

Deaner and Eric Young double teamed Swann before Sami came to help.

We go backstage to Matt Cardona and IMPACT Digital Media Champion, Brian Myers, talking about how they want to go after Tag Team Gold as the Major Players as back in IMPACT Wrestling.



OGK (c) vs Heath & Rhyno

Heath & Rhyno are out first to a massive pop from the crowd.

Defending champs OGK – w/Maria – out next, not like very well.

TAVEN and Bennett try to just walk away with the tag belts. Heath and Rhyno both stop them on the ramp.

Heath with a huge sequence of offense!

The rest of Honor No More is out to help!

With chaos ensuing, Heath hits Matt TAVEN with the WAKE UP CALL. Heath pins TAVEN to gain the victory. Heath and Rhyno become the NEW IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champions!!

With all of Honor No More currently in the ring, Eddie Edwards makes his way out and addresses the group.

Eddie dogs PCO, and seemingly for the last time. PCO SNAPS! He takes out the whole group.

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