Nyla Rose & The Art of Using Twitter

Using social media has become an important aspect in today’s wrestling business. Using Twitter allows wrestlers interact with fans (for better and worse) and even allows to expand wrestling stories even more. There are any wrestlers that are quite good at using Twitter, but Nyla Rose is without question one of the best at social media.

There are several ways to use Twitter for wrestlers, you have those who only use it to promote stuff, others than use it as an extension of their character like MJF, and there’s Nyla Rose’s approach. Nyla Rose uses Twitter in a very comedic way which makes for fun tweets for fans and even her opponents. This approach makes Nyla a fan follow on Twitter, an app that sometimes can be brutal to be in for different reasons.

Nyla Rose is a perfect example of the few people that are positive in Twitter, esepcially with the memes and post she makes on Twitter. Just like MJF, Twitter is an extension of the character of Nyla and there’s no better example of this with what’s she doing with the stolen TBS championship on Twitter- mocking Jade Cargill and taunting her on Twitter with creative ways every time she can because of taking the TBS title from her.

Outside of wrestling content, Nyla Rose’s posts on Twitter are also fun, especially those related to video games. Nyla Rose is a fan of video games and the stuff she posts related to that medium is just as fun as her wrestling content on Twitter. This also applies to her other interests and people connect easily to Nyla because of that.

Nyla Rose is a wrestler very easy to connect with and positive interactions with fans are the best example of this. Another aspect of Nyla Rose’s Twitter game is how she handles the negative aspects of an app like Twitter in the best way possible. Nyla Rose has te positive energy you need you navigate in Twitter, and both fans and wrestlers could learn a lot about Nyla on how to use Twitter.

If you are not following Nyla Rose on Twitter, then you should fix that right now. You won’t find a better person to follow on Twitter than Nyla Rose, and that’s a fact you can debate.