Velvet Sky Blames Dixie Carter And Hulk Hogan For Ruining IMPACT’s TV Deal With Spike

Velvet Sky believes two parties are responsible for ruining IMPACT’s TV Deal with Spike.

Dixie Carter no longer owns TNA/IMPACT Wrestling and many fans view that as a good thing. Carter was president of the promotion from 2003 until 2016. She sold the company to Anthem in 2017. Dixie had a tendency during her time as president of the company to insert herself into storylines. For the majority of Carter’s time in power in IMPACT, they aired on Spike TV.

Velvet Sky took to Twitter on Wednesday and aimed a shot at the former president of the company, blaming Dixie and Hulk Hogan for IMPACT losing their TV deal with the channel.

“Because Dixie Carter ruined our Spike TV deal. That and another REALLY bad “business” decision, brother. And before all 3 of her white knights come at me, I was there at the time and had seen first hand how it happened. We had a good thing on Spike TV too.”

She added a few more comments and insight when replying to fans, stating:

“Even Dixie had no idea what Dixie was doing with Impact.”

“Ummmm I was specifically referring to her ruining our Spike TV deal which didn’t go into play until 2005.”

Spike TV announced in 2014 that they would not be re-signing the company to a new deal. IMPACT programming is currently aired on on AXS TV and Twitch. Velvet has previously called Carter “a vile person” in an interview last year.

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