Chris Jericho Says The Positives In AEW Are 98% To 2%

Chris Jericho says the positives heavily outweigh the negatives in All Elite Wrestling.

As Ring Of Honor world champion, Jericho has continuously been involved in top feuds in AEW. Most recently, he has stepped up to be one of the three locker room leaders in the promotion.

Speaking to Connor Casey of Comic Book, Jericho was asked about being a locker room leader and what he’s learned over the past month after the altercation at AEW All Out.

“It’s just that we’re a growing company. You know what I mean? When I worked in WCW, it’d been around for 50 years. When I worked for WWF, it had been around for 60 years. We’ve been around for three years, so there’s always going to be growing pains. And that’s why somebody like myself and Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley, we are the captains of the team. It’s like a football team or a soccer team or a hockey team,” he said.

Jericho continued, “And there’s always going to be little dips and dots in any company, in any locker room of any type of sport. It’s just the way it is. So you just deal with it. And the funny thing is, everyone’s got an opinion when they’re online and the social media and all that stuff. We know what’s really happening and we know, sure there’re things you got to fix, but the positivity in our company is off the charts and the optimism of where we’re going over the next few years is also off the charts. So it’s very exciting and the fact we just had our third year anniversary is huge because we never knew. We never knew if we would have one anniversary. So, there’s growing pains, it’s just the way it is and that’s okay. That’s what I’m here for and we’re taking care of the issues and focusing more on the positives, which are 98% to two.”

Chris Jericho to Comic Book

Jericho defeated Bryan Danielson on Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite thanks to Daniel Garcia hitting Danielson over the head with the Ring Of Honor World Title while the referee was down.

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