Spooky Wrestler Of The Day – Day 5 – Abadon

One of the newest, scariest pro-wrestlers going today is our 5th Spooky Wrestler Of The Day and they goes by Abadon. Abadon is currently signed to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and is a character you’d have to see to believe.

Abadon began her wrestling career in just 2019. By 2020, the self proclaimed “Living Dead Girl” was featured on AEW Dark. Sporting her bright red hair, predominantly white face-paint that’s often mixed with black, red, purple and many colors, as well as red or white contacts, rotten looking teeth and facial piercings galore. Genuinely, Abadon has one of the freakiest looks we’ve seen in quite some time and mixed with the bloody looking tongue, the near zombie looking monster is looking to bite your face off and kick your ass.

Abadon was featured on AEW Dark a lot before finally moving up to Dynamite in 2021 and eventually going after the champion at the time, Hikaru Shida. They finally went to battle at New Years Smash 2021, where Abadon would come up short. But, Shida will never forget the name Abadon after she was bitten in the neck during the match! Not only was Shida fighting to keep her title, but fighting to save her life from a vicious attack.

Abadon relegated back to AEW Dark to work their way back up the rankings and that they did, in October 2021!Abadon worked back up into the rankings and got a shot against the champion again, this time, the champion was Britt Baker. It went down on the October 29th edition of AEW Rampage and Britt Baker not only had to take on Abadon, which is a scary feat in itself, but, the title match was a street fight. Both women went to war, but in the end, Britt Baker picked up the win.

We haven’t seen much of Abadon on television as far as Dynamite and Rampage go, as she’s very often on AEW Dark, but, hopefully we can see more of Abadon on our TV’s sometime soon. Not only a stellar wrestler, but truly a spooky character that even gives me the chills at my big age. Seeing the strange, but fresh looks every time they’re in the ring and the absolute deranged tactics in the ring, there’s no doubt in my mind that I’d run and scream like a child if I saw Abadon in a dark place, or anywhere for that matter!

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