Update On Backstage Reaction In AEW To Andrade/Sammy Guevara Feud, Several Negative Reactions From Multiple Talent

We now know several reactions backstage to the drama involving Andrade and Sammy Guevara.

The pair have been sniping at each other on social media repeatedly over the last 48 hours, with many fans (and AEW talent) openly being annoyed about the situation.

Now, Fightful Select have new information regarding the situation, with several responses from AEW talent on the rivalry between the pair.

Fightful spoke with several staff and talent about the situation, who claimed they hadn’t heard of it being fabricated or worked, but also couldn’t be certain.  “When you get into mentioning that wrestling isn’t real it defeats the purpose of whatever storyline you could be trying to work,” said one veteran when we asked if the tweets and comments were real or worked. “They were talking about hitting each other hard and complaining, so if it’s a work, it’s a bad one. I’m sure they’ll eventually have a match though, just because people are talking.”

Another top talent in AEW was frustrated by the way things played out, regardless of if it was a work or a shoot, because they felt it painted a poor picture of AEW’s locker room. We’ve heard that the locker room has been much more cohesive since the Brawl Out situation that left numerous top stars suspended.

A turning point that several AEW talent pointed to was Chris Jericho, Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley’s talent meeting that calmed many nerves and was said to have helped get a lot of people on the right track.  Another AEW original had said that they viewed the Andrade/Sammy Guevara situation as disrespectful to the work those three put in on making that happen, regardless of the context of what follows, specifically whether it was planned or spontaneous, or worked. One of the points hammered home in recent weeks had been to keep dirty laundry private in that regard.  There were a couple of others that we heard from who were steadfast in the “if it doesn’t involve me, I’m not going to pay attention to it or concern myself with it,” camp, and also pointed to the more cohesive locker room of late.

Fightful Select