Spike Carlyle confident he can finish AJ McKee from anywhere: ‘If I punch him, he’ll die. If I take him down, he’ll be crushed’

Confidence is blooming for Spike Carlyle who has a huge test in front of him at Bellator 286.

When asked about his approach for his opponent AJ McKee at Bellator 286, Carlyle doesn’t believe his opponent has given himself enough time to prepare for what Carlyle brings to the table.

“At 155, I’ve never lost a professional fight. I have that in my back pocket. As far as AJ and what he’s going to experience, it’s a big jump. I don’t think he’s allowed his body enough time to adjust. I think there’s going to be a significant size, strength, every type of advantage.”

Carlyle has even gone as far as to say if he hits McKee, he would ‘end his life’ and if he took him down, he would ‘crush him’ in the octagon at Bellator 286.

“If I punch him, he’ll die. If I take him down, he’ll be crushed. No matter what, whatever I choose to do, it’s going to be something he hasn’t had the chance to prepare for. I don’t need three rounds.”

The number one question Carlyle does have for McKee is if they are fully prepared for a 3-round fight against Carlyle whose confidence has him motivated to exceed expectations at Bellator 286.

“Controlled chaos is my style, so I’m a wild man. How does he prepare for me? That’s the real question. I already know how to prepare for myself, so I think it will be no problem… I’m always there. That’s the heart of the champion.”

Carlyle did miss weight yesterday during the weigh-ins for Bellator 286 and due to that, his bout against McKee will now be held at catchweight and Carlyle will be fined 20 percent of his fight purse. The fight is still scheduled to go down.

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