Sean Waltman Has No Interest In A Creative Role With WWE

X-Pac has no interest in having a creative role within WWE.

The former member of DX may have friends in high places within WWE, but he has no interest in taking on a creative role within the company at this time. However, he remains open to the idea of being a panellist on kick off shows for the promotion.

Appearing on AdFreeShows, Waltman was asked if he’d consider taking a creative role in WWE.

“No,” he stated. “I’d like to just come in once in a while, like we’re doing on October 10 at Barclays, do little appearances like that. I go and do these Comic Cons and different appearances several times a month and it’s very stress free and I like how my life is right now. I don’t see myself getting on a plane — I get on planes all the time — but to go and have to deal with…sometimes it can get pretty combative and being backstage and clash of opinions. I just assume to stay slightly removed from all of that. If they really needed me, I just don’t think they really need me. Not that I don’t have anything to offer. When I was younger, I use to have a vision, but I’m a 50-year-old man. I listen to the young guys and girls. I wouldn’t mind doing something that didn’t require a huge commitment. You know what I would do? Those panels before the pay-per-views, I would be good at that. Just throwing that out there”

Sean Waltman on

Waltman will be part of the D-Generation X 25th-Anniversary celebration on the October 10 episode of WWE Raw.

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