IMPACTonAXSTV 9/29 Review; Bobby Fish Will Be At Bound for Glory, More Added to CYS Gauntlet


New Japan Pro Wrestling up-and-comer Yuya Uemura vs IMPACT Wrestling 2022 Gut Check winner, Jason Hotch. Yuya wins with a cross body drop off the top rope and hooks the leg for the victory.


We start the night off with Trey Miguel & Laredo kid taking on Bullet Club member Ace Austin & Bey w/ Juice Robinson at ringside.

One of the many cool spots in this match was when Laredo Kid lifted Bey up in the corner, and then Trey Miguel hit a Springboard Sunset Powerbomb. After a great 10 minute match of back and forth action, both Ace and Bey stack up on Trey to get the pin

Gia Miller is backstage with Bhupinder Gujjar. He says he’s putting Brian Myers in his rear view mirror and officially entering the Call Your Shot Gauntlet at Bound for Glory.

We return from a commercial break and Gia is standing backstage with current AEW and former TNA star, Kazarian. Kazarian talks about winning the Triple Threat Revolver at Victory Road and still being able to prove he can hang with this generation of X Division talent. Kaz starts talking about his match with Mike Bailey for the X Division Title at Bound for Glory.

A big commotion breaks out in the middle of Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt promoting Bound for Glory matches.

Next match up, Brian Myers defending his Digital Media Title against Decay member Crazzy Steve. Myers ends it by hitting Steve with the Roster Cut to gain the victory.

Myers says wants to defend against the best, no matter what company they work for or who they are, so he’s putting the IMPACT Digital Media title on the line in an open challenge at Bound for Glory.

We go backstage to Johnny Swinger and Zicky Dice and some of the old Swingerellas.

Joe Hendry video package. These have been great and some would even say have really highlighted the shows these past few weeks.

Black Taurus Vs Delirious. Taurus hits Destinstion Hellhole to get the victory.

Rosemary meeting with Father James Mitchell about needing Havok back and getting rid of Jessicka.

Black Taurus Vs Delirious. Taurus hits Destinstion Hellhole to get the victory.

We go backstage to Gia Miller standing with Bobby Fish, who debuted with IMPACT this past Friday night at Victory Road. Fish says he wants the top prize and the top talent, so he is officially entering the Call Your Shot Gauntlet.

We go backstage again to Gia Miller talking about her match with Mickie James at Bound for Glory. Gisele Shaw interrupts and Mia challenges her to a match next week for interrupting her and as a warm up for Mickie.

Honor No More is out to celebrate, ahead of PCO/Vincent vs Heath/Rich Swann match.

Eddie Edwards finally seems like he’s done with PCO.

Maria celebrates Eddie with a video package ahead of his IMPACT World Title match at Bound for Glory.

Josh Alexander out to shut them up.

Josh tries to take on all of Honor No More. Help arrives in the form of Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Heath, and Rich Swann.

We finally get to the PCO & Vincent vs Rich Swann & Heath match. Swann hits the Phoenix Splash on Vincent and then gains the pinfall.

We go backstage to Gia Miller standing by with Moose. Moose finally admits that he and Maclin had a deal in place. Maclin would help him take care of Sami Callihan, and Moose would help Maclin with the Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match. He says he’s officially entering the Call Your Shot Gauntlet – the same match he won last year at Bound for Glory when he cashed in and captured the IMPACT World Title from Josh Alexander.

Maclin walks up and starts fighting with Moose.

Match made between Maclin and Moose for next week. Sami made special guest referee.

Masha Slamovich vs Allie Katch. Very cool spots in this match.

Masha destroys a chair using Allie to do it.

Allie slams Masha with the garbage can lid!

Both women go crashing through a table.

Allie piledrives Masha into the tacs.

Masha wins! Remains undefeated ahead of her IMPACT Knockouts Title shot at Bound for Glory.

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