WWE Championships Redesign

WWE Championships Redesign

Triple H was proclaimed the WWE boss. The former wrestler took the helm on July 25th 2022 and he is off to a strong start. He has already begun working in the sport he enjoyed so much, but now from the office. Changes are being made internally, which makes the workers of the WWE sport itself and the fans around the world are much more motivated.

However, here comes the big bombshell that has left everyone with their hair on fire: Triple H is said to be ready to make changes to the WWE format, especially the championships. 

WWE has already changed the design of several titles.

This is not the first time changes have been announced in the sport. It already happened in 2019 when after announcing that the women’s tag team championships were to be created, WWE set about changing the design of some titles.

The then head of WWE Vince McMahon announced to Monday Night Raw that the WWE women would eventually receive their tag team championships. But these titles could pave the way for a number of new Championship designs.

Following these statements, it was rumoured that WWE would be changing a number of championship layouts in the upcoming months. Including the title designs for the tag team championships and the United States Championship.

The WWE was apparently seeking a new design that would add side plates, so that the titleholder would have the option to customize the championship. This means WWE could potentially sell more side rings as merchandise.

BeltFanDan said on Twitter that WWE made a number of changes to the Championship belts coming in the future.

The social media user also mentioned that the Raw and SmackDown tag team belts would be changed to have interchangeable tag team side plates. This was also proposed for the United States belt.

New step in title design changes

WWE has changed the design of its major championships several times. Just a few years ago in 2016, all of the NXT titles were changed. When the brand split back into the SmackDown Women’s Championship, the Universal Championship and SmackDown Tag Team Championships came back into effect. The championships were retired so that all brands would once again have their own separate set of championships. The titles that were rebranded were the NXT United Kingdom Tag Team Championships. It showed that WWE wanted to invest in this brand in hopes of making it as big as NXT. The championships are well known in the UK, to the point where they are listed on the best betting websites. There is no need to worry about betting on this championship online, as all bookmakers are regulated and safe. It is not just high calibre sports such as football, basketball or baseball that you will find. The WWE has been gaining ground in order to gain a foothold in sports betting. Furthermore, while watching the championships live, you can access live betting on your mobile phone to check if you won. The best odds on the fighters can be found online, not forgetting the benefits that can be gained through welcome bonuses.

Dan Beltzer, recently posted a tweet. He once again mentioned the changes that were to come. All WWE fans are quite excited to hear the news. At the moment it is not known if what the user posted is true or not, but he already predicted the changes once. Ben Fan Dan’s exact words were: “Rumour has it that Triple H is making numerous changes to the design of the belts”.

WWE did not make many changes to the designs for their main titles since 2013. Back then wrestling star and now Hollywood actor, The Rock, introduced a Championship design. It was not until 2019 when a new belt for the Intercontinental Championship was introduced. Likewise, in 2020, in the Pandemic era, another design took place for the United States Championship.

It must be stressed that with Triple H in the office, many promising changes are coming. Triple H is open to hearing new ideas from talented players. The millions of WWE fans around the world will have to wait to see what one of the greatest wrestlers of all time has in store.