How to Become a WWE Wrestler

How to Become a WWE Wrestler

There’s no easy path to becoming a professional wrestler in the WWE. However, if you’re fit and talented, you may be able to make it happen through persistence and hard work. The WWE accepts applications online but, before you submit yours, you’ll want to join a wrestling school to learn the ins and outs of professional wrestling. As a professional wrestler, your days will be spent in high-intensity training to prepare for matches and maintain your physique.

Keep reading to learn the steps to becoming a professional wrestler in the WWE.

Understand the Job Description

If you’re reading this article, you’re most likely a fan of the WWE and professional wrestling. You’ve seen the promotional events and maybe even wagered on your favorite stars. Betting is one way fans participate in the sport, and OddsChecker lists top sportsbooks offering free bets to new customers to help them learn the ropes of wagering on the sport. Although there’s a lot of glam and acting in the WWE, professional wrestlers are athletes above all else. 

While you’ll need to get over stage fright and develop your theatrical skills to make it in the WWE, you’ll also have to ensure that you eat right and consistently work to improve your performance. We can’t overlook the Hollywood aspect of the WWE, so while you’re improving your physical skills, you’ll also want to think about developing your character. You’ll need a complete package to make it in the world of WWE wrestling.

Get in Shape

There’s no escaping the fact that being a professional wrestler requires a body in tip-top condition. When we think of some of the sport’s top wrestlers with the top odds year after year, there’s no denying that they put a lot of work in when it comes to staying in shape.

If you look at some of the WWE’s top stars past and present, you’ll see that many got their start playing football and other competitive sports. Other wrestlers went to private wrestling schools before breaking into the industry. You’ll need to start training as soon as you decide you want a career in professional wrestling. You can submit your application online if you think you’re ready to attend a tryout.

Learning to Wrestle

Although the WWE accepts applications from athletes in all fields, you’ll need some wrestling skills if you hope to make the cut. At the same time, being a great wrestler doesn’t guarantee success in the WWE. However, you’ll need to know the basics to help you develop the strength and flexibility required to become successful. 

Many local clubs offer workshops and classes that teach new wrestlers the technical aspects of the sport. They also offer practice competitions, allowing wrestlers to perfect their skills. When you start out, your focus will most likely be on traditional wrestling and developing the instincts needed to compete. As you improve, you can move on to refining your character and creating your signature moves. 

You can expect to spend about two years developing your skills as a wrestler and, during this time, it’s a good idea to find a coach or mentor who can guide you and help promote you for competitions. Many wrestling schools are run by former professional wrestlers who already have contacts in the industry, which can help you make inroads in the field. 

Conquer Stage Fright

Most people aren’t used to appearing before large audiences, but to be successful in the WWE, you’ll have to get used to the spotlight. Acting classes are an excellent way to overcome any fears you may have of being on stage. These classes will teach you how to take on a role and breathe life into a character. Many acting classes also include tips on how to calm your nerves. After all, you’ll need a lot of charisma and have to sell the audience a story while you’re in the ring. From there, you can learn to talk on the mic and study some of the best to develop your character further.