Bobby Fish Challenges CM Punk To A Fight

Well, it looks like another brawl may be on the way.

Speaking on his Undisputed podcast, Fish confirmed his free agent status and challenged CM Punk to a fight.

“Truth be told, since May, I have tried to get Tony Khan to sit down with me no less than five times to ask permission to do a kickboxing fight. It was actually something that I talked with other people in the company about, but I could never nail Tony down. In Tony’s defense, he’s a busy man, especially on TV days. It is what it is. I wanted permission to do a fight. I couldn’t get there with Tony. Now, it’s no secret, I don’t need anyone’s permission at this point,”

I’ll indulge. Let’s just make this a formal invitation to Phil [CM Punk]. I’m down. If that’s the direction he wants to go, he can pick the time, the place, we can do it in Chicago. It can be boxing, kickboxing, MMA. We can do this bare knuckle. Whatever sounds good to Phil. He can pick the weight, the place, let’s make it official. Phil, LET’S FUCKING GOOO!”

Bobby Fish on his podcast

Punk is currently in the news once again regarding a brawl with The Elite after AEW All Out on Sunday. Time will tell if he and Fish will ever clash in a shoot fight.

H/T to Fightful for transcription

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