Mark Andrews Says It Stung Being Released Two Weeks Before Clash At The Castle

Mark Andrews was gutted to missed out on WWE’s trip back to the UK for the first premium live event in decades.

Speaking on his My Love Letter to Wrestling podcast, Andrews reflected on his release. Andrews is from Cardiff and was looking forward to the possibility of potentially wrestling at Principality Stadium.

“That’s the bit that stings. Genuinely, I don’t have that much….I don’t feel ill will towards the company for letting a lot of us go. NXT UK is ending, there is a time period between NXT UK and NXT Europe, I do see why it makes sense, but it does sting that it’s two weeks before the only stadium show in Wales to ever happen, the biggest show in British history. To really put that in perspective, it’s not just, ‘Oh, we’re Welsh.’ To me, I’ve pretty much wrestled in every other venue in Cardiff. That would be the one to get off the list. I guess that’s where it gets a little confusing. Me, Flash (Morgan Webster), Wild Boar, and Eddie (Dennis), we’re very close friends outside of wrestling. We all said a year ago, ‘if any of us get on this, that’s the most important thing.’ My only hope right now is for the big Tegan Nox comeback. If that happens, it’s been redeemed in some way. This was a huge opportunity for Wales, for Welsh wrestling and for all the years we put the work in, in the bingo halls. All of the years we put the work in, in Wales, it would have been lush if one of us could have had the moment to be celebrated. Being released, I can take, it’s the wrestling business, you just have to crack on with it. The Welsh show, this is something that might not happen again and it’s the first time it’s happening. That’s the bit that hurts,”

Mark Andrews on His Podcast

Time will tell if Mark will return to WWE when NXT Europe begins next year.

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