PROGRESS Chapter 139: Warriors Come Out To Play – Full Card Preview

PROGRESS return to the Electric Ballroom this weekend on the 28th of August with Chapter 139: Warriors Come Out To Play, following recent shows in Sheffield and Newcastle as part of the Deadly Viper Tour.

There will be plenty of Championship matches on offer with all four championships on the line. Big Damo makes his first defence of the PROGRESS world title, Kanji once again clashes with Laura Di Matteo over the Women’s Championship, plus Sunshine Machine defend their tag team titles and Man Like Dereiss challenges for the Atlas Championship.

The show also features huge returns for AEW star Anthony Ogogo as well as the return of a former NXT UK star and former PROGRESS World Champion Eddie Dennis, Just Joe Lando also makes his return following a US Independent tour working for likes of Game Changer Wrestling.

Full Line as announced so far;

Maggot vs Eddie Dennis

The last time Eddie Dennis competed in a PROGRESS ring he defeated Michael “O.J.M.O” Oku to retain the PROGRESS World Championship at Chapter 100: Unboxing Live IV – A New Hope, he would have to vacate said Championship at the very next show due to Injury. Maggot has proven to be a popular superstar among the PROGRESS fans, the current wXw Germany Shotgun Champion has had mixed fortune inside the ring. Eddie recently made his debut back on the Independent scene recently to an incredible reaction from crowd, with Maggot also being a popular superstar I expect this to be a very entertaining match with plenty of crowd interaction.

Close Personal Friends vs Sunshine Machine (c) – Tag Team Championship Match

The Close Personal Friends tandem of Danny Black and Just Joe Lando challenge TK Cooper and Chuck Mambo for the PROGRESS Tag Team Championship. It was Sunshine Machine that wanted to face a CPF team, as the pair would try to call for a match with CPF back at Chapter 136: 24/7 until they were interrupted by Greedy Souls, who Sunshine Machine would go on to defeat at Chapter 137: Deadly Viper Tour Codename: Copperhead. Sunshine Machine have since gone onto retain their titles against Lykos Gym at Progress Chapter 138: Deadly Viper Tour Codename: Cottonmouth. Joe Lando is just returning from an impressive US Tour that saw him competing for GCW among others, this will be the second championship that Danny Black has challenged for having previously challenged then champion Cara Noir for the PROGRESS World Championship. This will be a fun exciting match up that will feature some incredible high flying from all four participants plus plenty of tandem tag moves that are sure to excite the crowd.

Lana Austin vs Raven Creed

Raven Creed finally gets to face Lana Austin one on one in a PROGRESS ring after months of Lana doing what ever she can to avoid it, including putting obstacles in front of Raven including Nightshade, Max The Impaler and Lizzy Evo. Raven has managed to overcome everything and everyone Lana put in front of her, now she has chance for revenge in a Straight Jacket Match. This will be hard hitting clash but I would also expect plenty of hijinks courtesy of Lana Austin, Raven has been impressive throughout this feud.

Man Like Dereiss vs Luke Jacobs (c) – Atlas Championship Match

Man Like Dereiss finally gets his shot at Luke Jacobs’ Atlas Championship in a singles contest after Aussie Open’s Mark Davis was added to the match at Chapter 137: Deadly Viper Tour Codename: Copperhead. Jacobs would once again face Man Like Deriess at Chapter 138: Deadly Viper Tour Codename: Cottonmouth in a 6 man tag match, since winning the Atlas Championship Jacobs has made 3 successful defences. This will be one of most athletic big man slapping meat you’ll likely ever see, Man Like Dereiss is an incredible hybrid competitor and although known for his hard chops and clotheslines he is also has plenty of surprising speed and can pull of a few tricks,

Tate Mayfairs vs Gene Munny

Last time Gene Munny was in the PROGRESS ring he unveiled his Gene Munny Gene Munny Weight Championship, awarding this to himself following his victory over both a PROGRESS World Champion and ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham. Whilst most people have embraced this, especially the fans, one PROGRESS star in the locker room has taken umbrage with this and that’s Tate Mayfairs so the self professed greatest ever wrestler walking on planet earth has set out take this championship from Gene. This will be another entertaining match that should keep the PROGRESS faithful enthralled as they love to cheer Gene Munny and boo Tate Mayfairs.

Laura Di Matteo vs Kanji (c) – Women’s Championship Match

This will be the 3rd time in 4 shows that Laura Di Matteo will challenge Kanji for the PROGRESS Women’s Champion, their last match at Chapter 137: Deadly Viper Tour Codename: Copperhead after Kanji accidentally got her self disqualified. Laura would go on to jump Kanji following a successful defence against Rhio at the following show, Laura Di Matteo then challenged Kanji to another match with the stipulation that if Kanji gets disqualified she will lose the Title. This rivalry has reached boiling point and it sure to bubble over perfectly into a violent affair however with the added stipulation Kanji will need to remain composed adding an extra layer to the match.

Anthony Ogogo vs Callum Newman

AEW star Anthony Ogoqo returns to PROGRESS to face yet another member of the CPF, Callum Newman, the AEW star last appeared at the Super Strong Style 16 weekend quickly defeating Tate Mayfairs in dominant fashion. Newman is still looking for his first singles win in a PROGRESS Ring after an impressive performance against Malik in the first round of the Super Strong Style 16 first round. This is a huge match up for young Callum Newman which should hopefully bring plenty of eyes to the young man that will fly around the ring at break neck speeds, whilst showing off his athleticism with and incredible aray of high flying and death defying flips and dives.

Dan Maloney vs Big Damo (c) – PROGRESS World Championship Match

Big Damo is defending the PROGRESS World Championship twice in two days on the 27th Damo does as he promised, as he defends the title against Kevin Ku at Black Label Pro’s “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” then on to Sunday he faces Dan Maloney. Maloney and Damo competed against each other at PROGRESS’ Chapter 138: Deadly Viper Tour Codename: Cottonmouth in a 6 man tag match, Damo’s team came away with the win but Maloney showed he can match Damo’s power. This will be Dan Maloney’s 2nd chance at the PROGRESS World Championship having previously faced Cara Noir for the title, Maloney has held gold in PROGRESS as a former Tag Team Champion alongside Man Like Dereiss as part of the 0121. This will be brutal and hard hitting match, there may not be much high flying or top turnbuckle manoeuvres but there will be plenty big throws and meaty men slapping meat action.

You can check out the Tea & Tights: A Great British Wrestling Podcast full preview of Chapter 139 Warriors Come Out To Play below;

PROGRESS’ Chapter 139: Warriors Come Out To Play is at the Electric Ballroom in London this Sunday the 28th of August and will be made available to stream on the Peacock Streaming Service in the US and the WWE Network everywhere else. You can also stream all of PROGRESS’ former and future shows with PROGRESS video on demand service Demand PROGRESS available worldwide.

Written by Andy More of the Tea & Tights: A Great British Wrestling Podcast

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