Dana White’s Contender Series, Season 6, Week 5: 5 Winners, 5 UFC Contracts Earned

Season 6, Week 5 of Dana White’s Contender Series went down tonight and here are the results.

Last week we saw the 5 winners each get a contract. This week we will see who can fight hard enough to earn themselves a contract to the UFC. The featured fight for tonight is at Heavyweight between  Mick Parkin (5-0) vs. Eduardo Neves (5-0).

Opener: Strawweight bout: Rayanne Amanda (11-5) vs. Denise Gomes (5-1).

The strawweight battle saw the fighters trading strikes on the feet for the first half of the round. Amanda put together combinations of punches as Gomes stalked around the cage. Amanda initiated the clinch game after a takedown attempt, which was countered by a kimura attempt from Gomes. They wrestled for position until the end of the round.

Gomes came out aggressive with their striking in the second round, but a flying knee attempt was caught and used to take her down. They got back up to their feet, and the striking continued as Gomes kept Amanda on her back foot. Gomes landed a few big strikes, but Amanda began firing back, sparking a brawl in the closing moments of the second.

Continuing to be the aggressor early, Gomes led the striking battle by firing off sharp punches. In the second half of the round, Amanda began to move forward looking for big overhand punches, but Gomes continued to be the more accurate striker throughout the last round before it went to the judges.

Result: Denise Gomes def. Rayanne Amanda via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Second fight: Bantamweight bout: Cameron Saaiman (5-0) vs. Josh Wang-Kim (5-1)

Wang-Kim offered a variety of kicking attacks as he showed off a smooth striking game. Saaiman answered with strikes of his own before the clinch battle began against the cage. They returned to the center and continued to trade strikes in a competitive opening round.

Wang-Kim brought the fight to the mat early but found himself fighting off a guillotine from Saaiman. They got back to the feet and Saaiman appeared to grow in confidence as he pressed forward with punches and kicks. In the closing seconds, Saaiman completed a takedown after peppering Wang-Kim with a high volume of strikes.

Saaiman picked up right where he left off, pressing the action with combinations. Wang-Kim working on his back foot, struggled to stop the pressure. Out of nowhere, Saaiman put together a crisp combination of punches ending in a hard left hook that put Wang-Kim down and out.

Result: Cameron Saaiman def. Josh Wang-Kim via knockout (punch) – Round 3, 2:52

Third fight: Flyweight bout between Jesus Santos Aguilar (7-1) vs. Erisson Ferreira da Silva (11-1)

The flyweights started at a high clip, with both Aguilar and Ferreira swinging hard with strikes early. Aguilar got a takedown, but had to fight his way out of a guillotine. They returned to the feet, but Ferreira got a takedown of his own and looked for another guillotine. With seconds remaining, Aguilar reversed and rained down hard punches until the horn.

After an initial hard striking exchange that appeared to rock both fighters, the fight continued on the mat. Aguilar found his way to Ferreira’s back, where he would look to secure a rear-naked choke while mixing in a few strikes from behind. Ferreira did his best to prevent damage and reversed position in the closing seconds, as Aguilar did at the end of the first.

The round once again began with a hard exchange, and quickly ended up on the ground again. This time, Aguilar found the neck of Ferreira and wouldn’t let go. The guillotine attempt was locked in deep, and Ferreira had no choice but to tap.

Result: Jesus Santos Aguilar def. Erisson Ferreira da Silva via submission (guillotine choke) – Round 3, 1:56

Co-Main Event: Welterweight bout between Darrius Flowers (11-4) vs. Amiran Gogoladze (14-2)

Gogoladze pressed the action early with strikes before taking the fight to the ground. As the fighters scrambled for position, Gogoladze attempted an inverted triangle. Flowers lifted up and slammed his opponent which resulted in an injury for Gogoladze and the TKO win for Flowers.

Result: Darrius Flowers def. Amiran Gogoladze via TKO (shoulder injury) – Round 1, 1:13

Main Event: Heavyweight bout between Mick Parkin (5-0) vs. Eduardo Neves (5-0)

Just a few seconds into the fight, high-impact punches were exchanged frequently. Neves began doing the Ali shuffle, but Parkin ignored his taunts and secured a takedown a moment later. Parkin found the back and locked in a rear-naked choke to get the tap.

Result: Mick Parkin def. Eduardo Neves via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 1, 1:57

UFC President Dana White offered contracts to the following fighters tonight.

Denise Gomes
Cameron Saaiman
Jesus Aguilar
Darrius Flowers
Mick Parkin

Once again, all 5 winners have received UFC contracts. We will be back next week for the 6th week of season 6 for Dana White’s Contender Series. Thank you for watching along with us and keeping up to date with the results.

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