What Are Some Of The Best Pro Wrestling Video Games Of All Time?

What Are Some Of The Best Pro Wrestling Video Games Of All Time?

Every wrestling fan dreamed of being in the ring, meeting his idols, and successfully resisting them. Not many people managed to hold the championship belt over their heads to the screams of the fans. We got closer to the world of sports in unique online wrestling simulators. The user can take control of their favorite athlete, leading him to victory in such a simulator. Interestingly, the first such games appeared in the era of arcade machines. Such fights took place on the screen, which is why they attracted fans. And the purpose of this was to defeat all opponents in the ring.

Now, developers are releasing a lot of real sports simulators. However, wrestling still occupies a leading position among them, especially among fans of this sport.

The video games will never be able to replace real sports in real life. But with the right approach to the game, you can feel the same adrenaline and desire to win. Many famous sports stars prefer to spend their leisure time playing games. Players use trusted paypal casino canada to unwind after a grueling workout. This combination of virtual and real sports can be pretty helpful. Online casino games help to maintain a sports spirit while the body entirely rests, recovers, and prepares for the next workout. A casino client can try wrestling machines in demo mode. And thereafter, you can already play for real money and withdraw winnings to PayPal.

We have prepared for you a list of several exciting wrestling video games.

WWF WrestleMania

Wrestling games started with WWF WrestleMania. It started back in the era of arcade machines. The player chose one of 8 athletes for a quarter. The developer of the game received an official license from WWE. This step allowed him to use photographic images of real players. The developer offered users an analog of the popular Mortal Kombat. In the game, real athletes entered the battle, not fantasy characters.

The fighters received unusual abilities. They were decorated more in a cartoon style. Razor Ramon could turn his hand into a blade while striking. Doink the Clown smashed opponents with a massive fist. Bam Bam Bigelow’s ignited opponents after a successful series of punches. This approach diversified the gameplay.

WWF Smackdown 2: Know Your Role

The game was released for the PlayStation platform. She had several features. In the game, the user could not only select a character among wrestling stars. In the “Create” section, you could work on the appearance of your athlete literally from scratch. Many fans of the genre have used WWF Smackdown 2 to create their favorite athlete in great detail. There were quite a few fine settings in the application. As a result, it was possible to achieve a photographic similarity. And then I had to go to the ring with my favorite player and make all my dreams come true.

The player got the opportunity not only to recreate the appearance of a fighter. He could choose specific movements of the athlete, determine the fighting jargon for the team, and customize the manager’s appearance. Players could create the team of their dreams. At the same time, it often included fighters who would never have united in the real world.

WWF Smackdown set the bar for in-game character customization. After this game, the opportunity appeared in other major sports projects.

WCW/nWO Revenge

World Championship Wrestling became the most popular wrestling company in the world in 1998. She even owned her TV show. The weekly release of fights gathered more than 5 million people in front of the screens. The company decided to expand its popularity to the field of sports games simulators. WCW/nWO Revenge was released for Nintendo 64 consoles in collaboration with developer THQ.

Realism has become a feature of this game. Before this, the developers sought to release more fun arcade games. Athletes had specific unusual abilities. And the gameplay consisted of holding down a particular combination of keys to perform a strike. Users could not choose an extended squad in the new game, and there was also no possibility of creating their arenas.

This professional approach added a unique atmosphere to the game. A plus was the study of the movements of athletes on the screen. Techniques had several variations of activities, even if they were performed in the same way.

WWF No Mercy

The game set the bar high for all subsequent wrestling sports simulations. Game developers focused on this application for the next few years. What is the reason for such popularity? The game has simplified the process of combat as much as possible. At the same time, she remained attractive to the audience.

WWF No Mercy is characterized by many dynamic scenes, simple maneuvering around the ring, and performing combo attacks. The latter involves holding down a specific combination of keys on the joystick. On the Nintendo 64 console, this was not difficult.

An extensive database of famous athletes also characterized the game. The player could choose a favorite character, leading him to victory through many fights. The game has a “Champion Mode.” It had to lead the fighter through several championships to collect some or all of the championship belts.

It is a list of the most popular games in the history of the gaming industry. Now, most athletes prefer wrestling simulators in online casinos. Unlike classic computer games, you can earn real money in slots. Basically, the design of such machines is stylized as a fighting ring, and cards with images of leading fighters appear on the field. Which esport genre to decide is up to you.

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