WWE Representative Reportedly Reached Out to Contracted AEW Talent

More legal issues could potentially be heading WWE’s way, as a new report has uncovered what might fall into the category of contract tampering

According to a report from Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select, a contracted AEW talent claims that a representative from WWE’s talent relations department recently reached out to them about returning to WWE.

The talent referred the representative from WWE to their personal representation and reported the contact to higher-ups in AEW. The talent also reportedly told AEW officials that they are happy in AEW and have no desire to leave the company.

Fightful was able to confirm this claim with the talent themselves, but has not learned what the contact specifically included and what the WWE representative pitched. The talent has chosen to remain anonymous.

It was also reported that it would be difficult, if possible at all, to mistakenly assume this talent was not under contract with AEW.

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