Sunny’s Boyfriend Is Running Her OnlyFans While She Is In Jail

Yes, really.

Tammy Sytch (FKA Sunny) is currently being held without bail and facing charges stemming from a DUI she was involved in earlier this year where another driver was killed due to a crash caused by the WWE Hall Of Famer.’s Mike Johnson now reports that Sunny’s OnlyFans account is currently being updated by Sunny’s boyfriend while she is incarcerated.

She can’t and she isn’t.  Her boyfriend James Pente is posting old content in an attempt to make money and using her Twitter account to do so, since he has access.  She remains incarcerated in Volusia County, Florida and will be there for quite some time.  So, if you are buying that content, it’s the boyfriend you are paying, not her.  It’s quite even possible she has no idea he’s currently doing it.

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson

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