Christina Von Eerie Releases Statement Following Defamation Lawsuit from Chris Dickinson

Following a defamation lawsuit, a statement has been released in regards to it.

According to a court document, Chris Torre, who wrestles under the name Chris Dickinson, has filed a lawsuit against Christina Kardooni (Von Eerie) and McKaila Coulter, both of which are former partners of his.

In the suit, Torre is seeking damages to recover from the “alleged blatant acts of defamation that wrongfully accuse Mr. Torre of abusive conduct”.

The court documents claim that Torre is still denying any participation in any of the violent acts that Kardooni and Coutler have accused of him, while claiming he has lost up to $50,000 as a result of not being able to secure any wrestling bookings for the past two and a half months.

In the suit, Torre specifically mentioned his previous relationships with Game Changer Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling and how they were affected as a result of the allegations.

In May 2022, after learning of Defendants’ social media posts and the untrue statements contained therein, GCW terminated its business relationship with Mr. Torre upon an abrupt notice, without any investigation into Defendants’ statements. Mr. Torre was asked to quit his scheduled events with GCW, and was then informed that GCW would stop enlisting him for events indefinitely.

Specifically, when NJPW contracted with Mr. Torre in April 2022, NJPW expressed the interest of booking Mr. Torre for events in Japan and having Mr. Torre work in Japan as soon as possible. After Defendants posted their defamatory statements, NJPW told Mr. Torre to wait until further notice. Given that Mr. Torre’s contract with NJPW was to be paid per appearance in events, losing the opportunities to participate in future NJPW events caused Mr. Torre’s contract with NJPW to become essentially a valueless deal.

Furthermore, many companies quickly removed media content featuring Mr. Torre as a result of Defendants’ defamatory social media posts about him. For example, Beyond Wrestling, a Massachusetts-based professional wrestling promotion, removed videos featuring Mr. Torre from its YouTube channel following Defendants’ defamation campaign.

The document also states that Torre “hereby requests a jury trial for all issues triable by jury including, but not limited to, those issues and claims set forth in any amended complaint or consolidated action.”. As a result of this case, Torre is seeking the following:

a. Judgment on the claim set forth above;
b. An award of compensatory damages according to proof at trial, as well as
punitive and exemplary damages where authorized;
c. An order enjoining Defendants and those in active concert with
Defendants from disseminating or publishing any further defamatory
statements concerning Mr. Torre;
d. An order directing Defendants to retract their defamatory statements from any non-party who they have contacted regarding the matters alleged in this complaint;
e. An order directing Defendants to undertake such remedial efforts as the Court deems necessary to restore Mr. Torre’s reputation;
f. Prejudgment and post-judgment interest at the applicable rate;
g. An award for reasonable attorney’s fees, costs and disbursements, where applicable;
h. Such other and further relief the Court deems proper and just.

This would result in Von Eerie releasing a statement in response to the defamation suit, the statement is as follows:

It has been made public that Christopher Torre, (Chris Dickinson) has filed a federal defamation lawsuit in the district of New Jersey, against McKaila Coulter (ex girlfriend) and myself (ex girlfriend). None of the 3 parties live in NJ. Even his attorneys office is based out of Brooklyn, NY. New Jersey has no anti-SLAPP Law statute. That has made it very difficult and costly for us to find representation. Especially because neither of [us] live anywhere near there.
We fear that if we don’t reply to the lawsuit with proper legal representation not only will it harm us, but it will reinforce that women should be afraid to speak out against their abusers unless they have the resources to also fight them in court.
Defamation can only be claimed if there is false information. Everything we have spoken out against is true.
That being said, we did not back down after being sent C&Ds to our jobs and homes. We will continue to stand our ground in the court of law.
If anyone has any lawyer recommendations or groups they would recommend to help us fight this please reach out.
Thank you for your support.

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