Improving The AEW Women’s Division

The AEW women’s division is also a chaotic topic to talk about in social media, you have stopwatch people making unfair arguments about it, but you also have AEW stans ignoring the shortcomings the division it has.

The division has improved since the conception of AEW, especially when they’ve been able to add talent like Toni Storm or Athena recently. Adding talent like them is always a positive. But improvements need to be made and the excuses are running out for AEW.

The first big thing is the matches, AEW needs to give the women’s division more TV matches, it’s time we see more of this women’s division that has a lot of potential, especially with workers like Statlander, Baker that have improved a lot since the beginning of their runs in AEW. Longer feuds and better planning goes without saying,

Another thing AEW needs is to start a working relationship with STARDOM, not only for the STARDOM talent to appear on US TV, but for the young wrestlers like Skye Blue to have the opportunity to go to excursions to Japan and improve. TJPW, who they already have a working relationship, should aso be an alternative to this, especially with travel to Japan being easier before the pandemic hit us all back in 2020.

A forbidden door-esque show between AEW, IMPACT, TJPW and STARDOM would be amazing for not only the AEW women’s division but for women’s wrestling worldwide. This needs to happen sooner rather than later, and the success of forbidden door opens the possibility for a show like this.

AEW needs to scoop up a massive star for the division. Someone like a Sasha Banks would be a game-Changning moment similar to when Mox joined AEW in 2019. This is something complicated because WWE are especially careful of who they release from their women’s division.