The Changes to WWE With Triple H

Last night we saw the first episode of RAW without Vince McMahon in charge, and instead having Triple H assume his role as head of creative.

RAW still featured a lof if Vince-isms throughout the show, but some changes were noticeable. The biggest change was commentary, Michael Cole wasn’t as robotic as he normally is on commentary and that was a change people noticed very quickly.

On SmackDown we also saw changes to things that were pretty much not of the liking of Vince, like New Day mentioning ROH and the IWGP tag team heavyweight titles. The influence of Triple H is starting to be more noticeable. The booking of Austin Theory was also one of the most noticeable things during this episode of RAW.

This week’s episode of RAW still featured aspects of Vince’s writing but next week will be the first episode of RAW written by Triple H. If we go by the NXT standards Triple H had, RAW could improve. But then again, the quality of NXT during the Wednesday Night Wars was not the best and people became annoyed by aspects of Triple H’s booking.

One thing that is for sure is not to expect radical changes. WWE is a money making machine and making abrupt changes to the programming like Attitude Era-esque content would be illogical.

Time will only tell regarding how much does RAW change and improve with Triple H as the main creative force of the main roster of WWE.