Khan & Gresham

One of the most talked about subjects during this weekend was Jonatham Gresham asking from his release from his ROH contract. The lack of communication from Tony Khan and the booking seems to be the reasons behind Gresham’s decision.

People on Twitter and social media took sides on the subject, but analyzing this situation you can see both sides are right. On Gresham’s side, he has the right to value himself as a big star, especially if a promoter doesn’t him that way, but where Gresham made a mistake was cussing out Khan; wrestling can be a small bubble and leaving in bad terms with a promoter might not be the best idea, and in the world of wrestling anything is possible. On the other side, Khan as a promoter is in his right to book the wrestlers, he thinks will make him the most money, but communications him in both AEW and ROH needs to improve.

Gresham has a lot of options, if he decides to continue to wrestle. The indies have a lot interesting place he can wrestle and he has his own promotion in Terminus, he also has options in IMPACT or even NXT with the return of power of Triple H.

Khan like it or not made the right choice of giving the belt to Castagnoli, he is the bigger name of the two, and he is more of a draw than Gresham. The match could’ve been built better but the lack of TV did hurt somewhat the build of the PPV. This something Khan has to work for if he plans to keep producing ROH shows.

At the end of the day, this is a situation where both sides are right and both made mistakes as well. Time will tell how things evolve about this situation for Khan and Gresham.