Speculation On Logan Paul vs. Tyson Furry In WWE

What happens if you put two pro-boxer’s in a wrestling ring?

Logan Paul recently signed a contract with WWE after we saw him compete at WrestleMania in a tag match alongside Miz in a winning effort against the Mysterio’s. We’ve also seen Tyson Fury inside of a WWE ring in the past as well. Tyson recently retired from boxing as the heavyweight champion of the world, could full time WWE be his next move? In this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer discussed the possibility of Logan Paul taking on Tyson Fury in WWE. It seems like Tyson wants to do the match, but it won’t come without a heavy price tag.

It originally was an idea to try and make McIntyre more mainstream and garner pub for him outside of wrestling. Without McIntyre, the question would be who would he face. It would be a risk since both don’t have much experience, but given that Jake Paul and Tommy Fury (Tyson’s brother) have been linked of late for a fight, Logan Paul would have a storyline to it. It’s a real-life one but not necessarily one that a lot of wrestling fans would know, but they could tell it. There is a size difference and credibility in fighting difference, but pretty much anyone Fury would fight in WWE besides the few guys who are McIntyre’s size would have that. They could go with Omos but that match could be brutally bad and they seem to not want to beat Omos Even with Paul, who has an aptitude for pro wrestling, it’s two guys with one match each against each other and Fury didn’t show an aptitude in-ring in his debut but does have the talking ability and presence. Jake vs. Tommy was scheduled for 8/6 in Madison Square Garden but a visa issue led to Jake fighting Hasim Rahman Jr.,on that show. Tyson vs. Logan would garner a ton of outside wrestling attention and WWE thrives on that. Within the company the belief was Fury wants to do it, but the price would be high and he question is whether WWE believes the price is worth it.

– Dave Meltzer via WON

We know WWE loves their celebrity integrations, and a bout between Fury and Paul in a WWE ring would be something to behind.

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