Alexa Bliss Wanted To Return As A Darker Character

Alexa Bliss wanted to return with an even darker presentation than before.

Earlier this year, Alexa Bliss made her return to the WWE, back to her original gimmick for the most part. She still carried around Lilly, but that could be for merchandise purposes. Bliss has gone on record to say her new character is who she is outside of the ring.

Speaking to Ryan Satin on Out of Character, Bliss discussed the therapy sessions segments she had and her original pitch for how that would turn out:

“That was a pitch that I pitched for a very long time. It was originally a different kind of therapy because I wanted to be taken away at Extreme Rules and then come back a different version of the Dark Alexa character. Obviously, things change and all that jazz. I had to have surgery, so we were like, ‘oh, perfect, it’s an amount of time to go away and give time for Extreme Rules to settle and come back with these therapy sessions.’ They were so much fun. Everyone knows I love acting and performing in that aspect. It’s something I always feel creatively fulfilled in. For me, it was my creative outlet, having the most fun I can. It was so much fun. We have a good amount of creative control and Vince (McMahon) was super awesome. From what I’ve heard, he sat down for a few hours, wrote it all out, and took the vision and made it come to life,” 

I wanted it to go even darker and deeper. I had Jason (Baker) come out with a sketch and prototype of a different version of Lilly, which would have been super cool. Obviously, with creative, things always change. I’m still holding on that this new version of Lilly will come out one day. We’ll see.

Alexa Bliss to Out Of Character

Bliss may be one of the most talented actresses in wrestling, so it is not hard to believe she could pull a much darker gimmick off than what we saw from her while aligned with The Fiend.

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