Alan Angels Credits Sammy Guevara For Trying To Help His Friends Get Over

Alan Angeles continues to put over people within AEW despite leaving the company.

Alan Angels announced last week that he would be leaving AEW following the expiration of his contract. He has already accepted several bookings on the independent circuit and is hoping to show everyone how good he truly is.

In a new interview with Fightful, Alan Angels talked about a certain bit that he got over on the vlog and how Guevara uses it to help his friends get over.

“I got to these Indie shows and I get ‘As in the chat’ chants and I’m like, ‘Oh shit, I didn’t know this many people actually watched the vlogs.’ It’s cool. Shoutout Sammy and the vlog crew. Those guys, they are so willing, Sammy especially, he’s willing to give me time to do whatever I want. Every week, he asks us what we want to do and he wants us to get over because we are legitimately really good friends. He wants us to do good and get over on our own. Shoutout to him.”

Alan Angels to Fightful

What do you think of Angels comments regarding Sammy Guevara, does it change the way you feel about Sammy’s on screen character? Let us know in the comment section and on our social media pages.

H/T Fightful

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