Circle 6: The Progress so far…

Circle 6 recently held their 2nd Los Angeles show titled “Hope for the Hopeless”. Some of the matches from the night were traditional 1 on 1 matches, tag team, a rare Bra and Panties match, a highly contested NO DQ match and was main evented by a wild Tag Team Deathmatch.

This was their 4th event in the promotion’s early beginnings. After their inaugural event being held in Los Angeles, they had follow-up shows in Cleveland Ohio, and a joint event with No Peace Underground in Orlando Florida. The return to Los Angeles was their homecoming which was highlighted by the NO DQ match between Circle 6 stalwart Atticus Cogar and the recently reintroduced to the Indies Zachary Wentz.

The rest of the card had great showings as every performer really shined in the time slot and position on the card. Some highlights from the show, is Brody King vs Kevin Giza, The Conglomerate tag match, Vinnie vs Gregory Iron, however the show was well positioned for the big 4 matches that were Killer Kross vs Jacob Fatu, The Bra and Panties match between Scarlett and Eddy Only, the NO DQ match between Atticus Cogar and Zachary Wentz and the Deathmatch Tag Team main event between The Young Studs Bobby Beverly/Eric Ryan vs Juicy Finau and Journey Fatu.

Killer Kross vs Jacob Fatu lived up to the fight that you picture men of their stature. Big power moves, hard hitting, very entertaining. This is what I believe is their 2nd match together as they wrestled for a small promotion in Arizona prior to the pandemic.

The Bra and Panties match was the most entertaining match of the night as I believe both performers delivered. Eddy Only cannot do anything wrong from the promo leading into the match to the ring gear and performing very well in this match. Scarlett looked like a million bucks, not just physically but her in ring work, from delivering her move set, to selling has been one of her most underappreciated assets as a performer. This match was straight out of the Attitude era and was the most entertaining of the evening.

Atticus Cogar vs Zachary Wentz, NO DQ. What else is there to say about this match. It lived up to the NO DQ clause, from chair shots, to tables, to skewers, barbed wire, you name it. They both absolutely blasted each other and I for one can watch them both wrestle each other over and over. Wentz looking like a man possessed, in the best shape I have seen him in possibly ever. Cogar is the top of the food chain when it comes to Circle 6 and has proven it at the last two shows with matches against Tracy Williams and Zachary Wentz both which were traditional wrestling matches. Both gentlemen have great in ring chemistry as the flow of the match from start to finish was all perfectly paced and timed out. When Circle 6 does introduce their championships I do hope that these two are among the favorites to be crowned the company’s first world champion.

Speaking of championships, the Deathmatch Tag Team match featured two of my early favorites to lay claim to be the first Circle 6 Tag champions. Journey Fatu and Juicy Finau have been among the best performing tag teams in SoCal along with other greats from the West Coast Pro promotion. However, this is a Deathmatch and no one especially in my opinion no team does Deathmatch better than the Young Studs Bobby Beverly and Eric Ryan. They shined in the Deathmatch spots like the glass panels, chair shots among other spots. However, lets not under sell the craze and out of control mayhem that Journey and Juicy brought as they give it their all to the Deathmatch stalwarts. I was not expecting the show to end on this match, but I am glad they did because both teams showed why they each deserve to be in the conversation for tag team championships.

These 4 matches were the outliners and standouts from the show, overall this is by far the best show Circle 6 has put forth. From production, to in ring work, to overall atmosphere. I once made a comparsion that Circle 6 is CZW however after this show and reviewing the previous 3 I truly believe that is not accurate. Circle 6 is giving me more only what I can speculate on how the early shows from Progress Wrestling were like in the UK. They are the death metal, punk rock of Professional Wrestling and this show is a great jumping off point for anyone who misses those Progress shows and the feel those shows gave off.

The show does not stop in Los Angeles as Circle 6 has already annoucned their next two shows revisiting Cleveland Ohio for “Here to Stay” with names Brody King, Homicide and featuring the reunion of The Rascalz: Myron Reed, Trey Miguel and Zachary Wentz, while making their debut in Detroit Michgan for “Gangreen” with debuting stars like Zicky Dice, Bryan Keith, and Impact World champion Josh Alexander.

Circle 6 may not be everyone’s brand of whiskey, but for the select few they are doing the best to cater and ensure the following they do have receive the best in ring work from traditional wrestling to deathmatch hardcore wrestling. Check out their first 4 shows while you wait for the next two shows in Ohio and Michigan on the weekend of July 22nd and 23rd.