The Godfather Believes Heel Stable From The Attitude Era Would Be Cheered Today

When you think of stables from the WWF Attitude Era, one of the first to come to mind is The Nation Of Domination.

Farooq leading Ahmed Johnson, Kama (later, The Godfather), Mark Henry, D-Lo Brown, and The Rock was the most popular variation of the Nation of Domination. Recently, Godfather sat down with “The A2theK Wrestling Show” where he spoke about how the faction would do today.

We didn’t know the significance of it when we were doing it, you know, and how later on in life, it would be kind of important. Dude, we were just having fun. It was good guys. We were heels. I mean, what’s funny is if we did that today, we’d probably be babyfaces, we probably wouldn’t be heels.

– Godfather via The A2theK Wrestling Show

The Nation Of Domination ultimately lasted until 1998 when The Rock launched into stardom and became the phenomenon that he is today. But, if they were a faction in todays day and age, do you think they’d be heels still, or babyfaces?

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