Lio Rush Gives An Update On His Injury, Is Feeling Good Physically

Lio Rush is on the road to recovery and it’s going well.

Lio Rush suffered a separated shoulder in January of 2022 at PWG, and was slated to miss up to nine months of in ring action. Lio still makes music while he is out, but is still devoted to Pro Wrestling. Now, Lio spoke to Sean Ross Sapp, and gives an update on his injury status, saying he has yet to even start picking up weights.

I feel good. I mean I’m moving around pretty good. I’m nowhere near being in-ring ready, I haven’t even lifted a weight yet, which is definitely a different process than my first injury with my right shoulder. I separated my [AC] joint. That was a much different rehabilitation process than my left shoulder with having surgery. So it’s interesting to see the differences and it was quite strange that they happened back to back. I think that kind of messed me up a little bit at the very beginning. Just because it was such a familiar feeling. I felt like I was sent back in time and I was going through the same thing, but I’m glad I went through it because when it happened I was angry and I was a little overall shocked that I was going through it. But then I quickly snapped myself out of it and told myself, ‘Okay, Lio, you’ve gone through this before. You’ve recovered. You’ve done this before. It’s just time to do it again.’ So that’s exactly what I’m doing, I’m in a good mental head space with everything and probably a lot to do with that is my music and being so busy with that and having something to focus on creatively. I’m just taking my time with my rehab, healing as best as I can as quickly as I can, but at the same time being in no rush to come back. Although I do miss being in the ring. But yeah, I’m feeling good.

– Lio Rush via Fightful

H/T Fightful.

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