Kurt Angle Turned Down A Ten Match Contract With AEW

Kurt Angle continues to say he will not step back into the ring.

A couple of years back, Kurt Angle retired from the ring. Going out losing to Baron Corbin, many fans have clamoured for one more match for the Olympic Gold Medallist. Angle recently underwent double knee replacement surgery and despite it being a successful procedure, Angle is more focused on maintaining a good quality of life.

Speaking with NBC Sports Boston in a new interview, Kurt Angle said he was offered a 10-match deal to work for AEW.

“Well, you know what. They actually wanted me to wrestle in particular. Tony Khan gave me a call, wanted me to wrestle. They offered me a pretty good deal, but I just can’t do it anymore. I wish I could, but it’s just not possible.”

“They did offer me two different times, and they did want me to do an on-camera personality as well, or a non-wrestling role. I actually turned that down as well. I just wanted to start up my supplement company, so I wanted to put more time into that. So, I didn’t want to leave the company at this particular time, so I decided not to do it,”  

“They wanted me to have big special matches. They gave me a contract for ten matches, but they didn’t say how long it would be, so it might not have just been for a year. It might’ve been for three years, and I would’ve wrestled three matches a year.  But I decided not to do it because of my supplement company, and the fact that I’m just not the same as I used to be. If I’m gonna go in there and wrestle, I want to be the old Kurt Angle, and I know I can’t be that anymore.”

Kurt Angle to NBC Sports Boston

It looks like despite Angle being offered the contract, he never had any intention of stepping back into the ring again since he’s had double knee replacement surgery. Time will tell if Angle will remain true to his word, but he had a massively successful career as it stands.

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