Josh Alexander Talks About The Importance Of Wrestling Marufuji

Josh Alexander is the current Impact World Champion. But, when IMPACT made their debut on AXS TV, he had a tall task ahead of him.

Josh Alexander took on Naomichi Marufuji in a dream match on the debut edition of IMPACT! on AXS TV, October 29, 2019. Recently, Josh sat down with the Pro Wrestling Enforcer Podcast to talk about this moment.

Well for me its just like cool because I get to wrestle Marufuji right? But it was like in hindsight when like after the show happened it was like, I was just a tag team guy I was new to the company maybe like seven months in and it was like looking back on it was like the company trusted me to wrestle like this legend and have a dependable match, the first match and people are going to see on AXS and stuff so it was like a honor I guess it’s like the best way I can say it. That they would trust me with that you know? It’s all kind of snowballed from there to where we are now. 

– Josh Alexander via Pro Wrestling Enforcer Podcast

Marufuji did pick up the win in that match, but, fighting a legend like this is no small matter and it was the start of IMPACT’s AXS TV era, which eventually launched Josh Alexander to stardom and led to him being Impact world champion today.

Josh Alexander has a world championship defense coming up on July 1st at Against All Odds against Joe Doering.

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