Josh Alexander: Ruby SoHo Is One Of My Favorite Opponents Of All Time

Josh Alexander is a IMPACT Wrestling star, but still goes out and works independent wrestling shows.

Back in December of 2021, Josh Alexander battled Ruby SoHo at AAW’s Unstoppable event. It was a great match that saw Josh pick up the win. Recently, Josh Alexander sat down with the Pro Wrestling Enforcer Podcast to talk about how he thinks his match with Ruby SoHo is one of the best matches he’s ever had.

Yeah, Ruby SoHo is one of my favorite opponents of all time. I was lucky enough when I returned from my neck injury the very first match I had back was against Ruby Soho and I have an immense amount or respect and trust for her, I think she’s one of the best wrestlers in the world regardless of like female, male doesn’t matter like she can get in there and compete with anybody! And I was just happy to you know have that match and return to AAW and uh yeah it’s that one of the best matches I’ve ever had for sure!

– Josh Alexander via Pro Wrestling Enforcer Podcast

Now a days, the ‘Forbidden Door’ is frequently opened, so it’s not rare to see a AEW star battle a IMPACT star, but a inter-gender match is a whole different ballgame that we do not get to see often. With Josh and Ruby smashing it in their encounter, who knows, maybe more inter-promotional inter-gender matches could happen down the line.

Josh Alexander has a world championship defense coming up on July 1st at Against All Odds against Joe Doering.

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