Kurt Angle Believes Vince McMahon Viewed Him As a Liability During His Final WWE Run

It looks like even one of the best wrestlers of all time can get in Vince’s bad graces for circumstances outside their control.

For many years, fans have heard the stories of Vince McMahon being a hardass boss who doesn’t take kindly to mistakes. This has been mentioned time and again by former employees of the company. Now, a Hall Of Famer has come out and stated that Vince viewed them as a liability towards the end of their WWE tenure.

Kurt Angle recently featured on the Two Man Power Trip Podcast and was asked about his final run in the WWE and if he was happy with how it turned out:

“No, not at all. I went back to WWE. It wasn’t a big welcome home. It was more of a,’We’re going to show you what you did when you left us.’ I didn’t have any hard feelings about it, but Vince McMahon just didn’t have any plans for me.”

“I was doing more jobs than I was winning. I don’t blame him for that. I left the company high and dry in 2006, and coming back, I think he felt that I was a little bit of a liability because of my broken necks. I had four broken necks in WWE back in the 2000s. I also had a painkiller problem that I got myself out of, but I think that he thought I was a little bit of a liability so he didn’t want to utilize me the way he should have.”

Kurt Angle on Two Man Power Trip Podcast

Angle of course originally wanted to be retired by John Cena at WrestleMania but unfortunately for him, Vince decided he would lose to Baron Corbin instead. It is not known why Vince decided this, but Angle feels Vince viewed him as a liability in the ring.

H/T to WrestlingNewsCo for transcription

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