Internal Feeling In WWE That Vince McMahon Is “In Denial” Regarding Controversy

Well that’s hardly surprising.

It is well documented that Vince McMahon doesn’t take losing very well. When it comes to even business practices, Vince has been responsible for many burials as talents or staff leave the company. One just has to look at the reports of Vince burying his own daughter on exit of the company.

Last week it was revealed that Vince was being investigated regarding a three million dollar hush money payout to a WWE paralegal McMahon had a sexual relationship with. In the days following, Vince stepped down as CEO of the company, appointing Stephanie as the interim CEO while the investigation happens.

According to PW Insider, there is a lot of “head shaking” over McMahon’s appearances on Friday Night Smackdown and Monday Night RAW. The internal feeling is that Vince is “in denial” that this is a serious situation.

There’s also been a lot of headshaking at Vince McMahon putting himself back on TV in what some have seen as an act of denial towards anyone questioning him and whether that will come back to bite him. Some have wondered if this will be the beginning of the end for him, but that seems to be a minority based on what we have heard. There’s been more talk about whether larger checks and balances will be put into practice in the company and if so, how could anyone enforce them on Vince.

PW Insider

Of course, in both segments Vince said very little bar promoting the company and getting his cheap pop. It is worth noting that while the WWE statement suggested Vince’s relationship with the woman was consensual, there has been no other verification of that claim. Hopefully, as more news on this story comes out, fans and Vince will begin to understand the seriousness of this matter.

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