Former WWE Talent Were Surprised At Being In WWE2k22

WWE 2k22 came out earlier this year, post-WWE cuts (or most of them), seemingly meaning that a lot of former talent would be cut from the game, like Bray Wyatt was.

But, to some talents surprise, they were in fact in the WWE 2k22 video game. Fightful Select reports that they’ve spoken to many talent were surprised by being added into the game despite release, and were not informed of it. The report reads as followed:

The WWE 2K22 roster reveal head of its release earlier this year caught some people by surprise — specifically some people on the roster. Fightful has spoken to several members of the WWE 2K22 roster that have been released along the way since they were scanned in. None of them that we spoke to were informed explicitly ahead of the announcement that they’d be included in the game, but some caught wind of it in the days prior. We’ve spoken to numerous wrestlers who weren’t told outright that they’d be getting paid for it, but to “expect something” later this year. In addition, we’ve also heard the same that Mike Straw of SGO reported earlier this year, that WWE specifically wanted Bray Wyatt removed from the game. AJ Francis of Hit Row told us that they were close to being scanned into the game, but they were released before they could be added. Although he wanted to be a part of it, regardless of being released.

Fightful Select

It’ll be interesting to see if talent do get paid for their likeness being in the game, or whatever the “expect something” could possibly be.

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