Maryse Does Not Want To Get Injured At This Stage Of Her WWE Career

Maryse does not want to risk her ability to be a mother with an in ring injury.

Maryse is someone who is likely to be inducted into the Hall Of Fame, as much as fans may scoff at that idea. Being a former top heel in the promotion, along with her career outside of the ring, she is almost a guarantee for the Hall Of Fame in a few years from now. However, since becoming a parent she has had few matches and appearances with the WWE.

While speaking on CBS affiliate KOIN 6, Maryse said that her responsibilities as a parent will not let her commit to a full-time schedule. However, Maryse made it clear she doesn’t rule out making an in-ring return.

“It’s great [being in the ring] and that’s — I always say never. ‘I’m never gonna be back in the ring’ and I’ve said that after WrestleMania with [The Miz], that was 2016. Then I had a baby, I said, ‘Nope, never. I think I’m done.’ Four months later, I was back in the ring then I had a second baby, ‘We’re really done.’ No, back in the ring again so I really — I can’t at this point. I think I’ll be back again. I always say I don’t wanna be back because I don’t wanna get hurt because I have children and it’s hard to commit to this. This is an extreme sport. It’s hard to commit to that and you gotta go full on if you’re going so I love it, but, it’s almost like it’s — it’s not sad in a way. I’m just trying to pull myself out.”

Maryse to Koin 6

Of course, with being a parent comes more responsibilities. Maryse obviously does not want to get hurt due to how it would effect her ability to be a mother. Time will tell if we will see Maryse in a WWE ring again.

H/T POST Wrestling

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