Eddie Kingston Appears To Take Shot At Vince McMahon With Jordan Belfort Tweet

It seems like Eddie Kingston has indirectly referenced the Vince McMahon controversy.

Early on Friday morning, it was announced Vince McMahon would be taking a step back as CEO and Chairman of the WWE with his daughter Stephanie McMahon taking over those positions amid an investigation into Vince McMahon’s conduct relating to a paralegal who signed with the company in 2019. It is expect Vince will look to remain in his role by any means necessary and CNBC stated that the appointment was a message that Vince will not go willingly.

Eddie Kingston decided to kick the hornets nest of controversy on Friday afternoon when he tweeted out a simple gif of Jordan Belfort in The Wolf Of Wall Street refusing to leave his company despite the legal walls closing in. While Eddie did not specify what he meant, it doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together in this situation.

Time will tell how much talent will address this, but it seems like AEW stars won’t be afraid to mock Vince McMahon.

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