Tony Khan Is Remaining Positive Regarding CM Punk’s Return Timetable

It looks like Tony Khan is attempting to remain optimistic regarding CM Punk’s return schedule.

CM Punk announced a couple of weeks ago that he would require surgery for a broken foot. Punk’s surgery was a success despite complications and Punk is now on the road to recovery. Punk is the current AEW World Champion but Khan has decided not to strip him of the title, choosing an interim title situation instead.

While speaking with , AEW President Tony Khan was asked about CM Punk’s return timetable. Khan didn’t provide any timetable but made it clear both he and Punk are optimistic about his return.

“I can’t comment on his return timetable. I’m very hopeful and optimistic though, and his surgery was successful, and he’ll be back. I don’t want to put an exact date on it and put any expectations on him. But I do think we’re very optimistic about it and I think Punk is optimistic about it too, which is great.”

Tony Khan to

Time will tell when CM Punk will return to the ring but Tony and Punk are both remaining optimistic on a return schedule. The interim AEW World Heavyweight Champion will be decided at Forbidden Door when Moxley takes on Tanahashi in the main event.

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