Eric Bischoff Hated Working With Goldberg

Eric Bischoff has been in the news a lot recently thanks to his feud with CM Punk. Prior to this he has been a successful booker in the industry to an extent. Bischoff was a large part in WCW’s success while also being a decent booker for IMPACT Wrestling for a time before going off the edge.

While speaking on his After 83 Weeks show, WWE Hall Of Famer Eric Bischoff talked about working with Goldberg in WCW. Bischoff admitted that he was miserable working with Goldberg.

“On a business level, Bill Goldberg. It wasn’t that way in the beginning, I loved working with him in the beginning. But, once he got a hold of Henry Holmes or Henry Holmes got a hold of him, and Barry Bloom, that was miserable. That was miserable – and there was no fun part to it.”

“It’s not like, Kevin Nash, when he and I would go head-to-head, it was messy, we’d have a beer and we’d get over it. We came to a good place. I loved that process. But there are certain times when you get into that same type of situation when it’s nothing but blood and knucles and guts and teeth and sh*t, and nothing good comes out of it. It’s not a two-way street.”

Eric Bischoff on After 83 Weeks

Goldberg has been back to wrestling since his run in WCW, wrestling for WWE in a couple of matches over the last few years, winning the Universal Championship.

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