John Cena Comically Stopped Vince McMahon From Cutting Brodus Clay From WM 28

Sometimes you just have to laugh at John Cena’s behaviour at times.

John Cena is one of the biggest stars in the history of pro wrestling and is now a Hollywood star also. John has repeatedly done things to help out other stars and one such time happened at WrestleMania 28, prior to his match with The Rock in the main event, he decided he needed a toilet break right as Vince McMahon was about to cut a segment for Brodus Clay.

While speaking on Chris Van Vliet’s Insight podcast, Brodus Clay revealed that Cena intentionally left the backstage area to go to the bathroom shortly before his match. Due to Cena’s absence, Brodus Clay was given time to entertain fans ahead of the main event.

“He [McMahon] was like, ‘I think we’re gonna have to cut it,’” Tyrus said. “And then all of a sudden Cena is getting ready, he’s right behind me, he looks at me and goes, ‘I gotta go to the bathroom.’ I went, ‘What?’ He’s like, ‘I gotta go to the bathroom, I dunno, usually I go to the bathroom I dunno what… eight minutes, six minutes.’ I was like, ‘Six? I can get it in six.’”

Brodus Clay on Insight Podcast

John Cena helping out Brodus Clay right before the biggest match of his career. Cena certainly has a heart of gold.

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