Mike Chioda Reveals How His Appearance At Double Or Nothing Came About

Mike Chioda got a second chance this week as he got the chance to referee for AEW at Double Or Nothing for the Owen Hart Cup Final.

While speaking on “Monday Mailbag” on,”Mike Chioda was asked how he became a part of AEW to referee the Adam Cole vs Samoa Joe match at Double or Nothing. Chioda revealed he was on a cruise when AEW called him to referee at the event.

“Let me tell you how that all came together. I was on a cruise with my wife. We were sitting there on the second day on the cruise and I got a call from Dean Malenko.

“He said, ‘We came up with a good plan. Everybody liked it. We want to bring you as a special guest referee for the Owen Hart tournament match.’ He said, ‘Did you know Owen?’ I said, ‘Yeah, I knew him very well.’”

“I sent some pictures to him with the one in Israel with 1-2-3 Kid and Tonka in Israel and a couple other pictures. So he wanted me to be the ref and I said, ‘Oh man, that would be great.’ He said, ‘We’d like you to come in and do the match and maybe do the other tournament match’, but there’s a size difference on that. They didn’t want anybody like me being six foot tall.”

Mike Chioda on Monday Mailbag

It is good to see that Chioda got another chance following his WWE release. Time will tell if Chioda will be reffing for AEW going forward.

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