Athena is All Elite!

Last night, we learned that Athena is going to be part of All Elite Wrestling. Athena was one of the biggest free agents in wrestling and her incorporation to AEW was just a matter of time.

The signing of Athena will help boost the AEW women’s division even more regarding the in-ring aspect of things. AEW getting an an awesome worker as Athena is always appreciated.

The only concerned would be injuries. Athena had a lot of issues with injuries during her time in WWE. Hopefully this won’t affect her run with AEW. This subject will be interesting to look at in a few months and see how Athena is doing.

The next course of action for AEW and Athena is for a slow build. AEW will first establish Athena and how she is different to Ember Moon, but if you have been watching her indie stuff you would know there’s a big difference already.

Athena joining AEW is all around good news. Matches with several of the members of the women’s roster are going to be insanely good. The world can’t wait to watch all these matches.