Drake Wuertz Loses His Mind Over CM Punk Pro-Choice T-Shirt

Its funny how simple human rights issues get turned into political ones.

Speaking as someone from outside of the US, it is quite intriguing to watch basic human rights issues be span as politics. One of the most recent issues has been the Supreme Court leak that suggested they would be overturning Roe v Wade and would be rescinding abortion rights in the United States.

One person who believes in abortion rights is CM Punk, who has previously worn pro choice t-shirts in the past on AEW programming. This on Dynamite week, Punk walked out for his commentary segment wearing another pro choice t-shirt, a move that was applauded by many for allyship to women being stripped of their human rights.

One person who did not like Punk’s t-shirt is former WWE referee Drake Wuertz. Wuertz was let go from WWE following his vaccination status debacle and ties to radical groups. Wuertz has now once again proven his selfish side as he has called out Punk for the shirt.

“Liberal Athiest CM Punk promoting child sacrifice on a live Pro Wrestling show is disgraceful.”

“There is no “Right” to murder a baby.”

Drake Wuertz on social media

It’s ironic Wuertz cares about lives but refuses to be vaccinated to protect others from a deadly virus that shut down the world for almost two years. CM Punk will face Hangman Page at AEW Double Or Nothing for the AEW World Title.

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