Wardlow Watches WWE Just For Cody Rhodes

Wardlow seems like a really swell guy.

Wardlow has had an interesting build to his current position within AEW. He has built his way up from just being a lackey to now being on the cusp of becoming a superstar within AEW. He is currently working a program with MJF and will face ten lashes on tonight’s Dynamite in order to earn a match with MJF at Double Or Nothing.

While speaking on the Superstar Crossover podcast, Wardlow admitted that the only reason he watches WWE’s product is so that he can see what Cody Rhodes is doing.

“I mean, I’ll be honest, you know, I mentioned Cody, I feel like him going there has been the reason I’ve kind of watched a little bit because I got into the business late. I really don’t have that many friends.”

“I don’t have many friends in general, by choice. But I really don’t know that many people over in WWE, so I don’t — there’s nobody I watch on WWE that I’d know personally other than Cody. So him going back has caused me to watch a few things just to see what he’s doing over there”.

Wardlow On Superstar Crossover Podcast

Time will tell if Wardlow will make the same jump Cody made or if he will become an even bigger superstar for AEW. Let us know in the comments what you think of Wardlow possibly going to WWE and more!

h/t Wrestling Inc

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