2022 Beginner’s Guide to WWE Betting

2022 Beginner’s Guide to WWE Betting

World Wrestling Entertainment is the center of wrestling worldwide. It has the best athletes worldwide entering the ranks of this American company. With this big company, it’s natural that you can also bet on it. Yet many people are still unaware that they can bet on wrestling matches.

In fact, betting in World Wrestling Entertainment is a huge business. This page serves as a beginner’s guide. It covers what the WWE is and if you can bet on it, the popular bets you can place, the popular matches in WWE, and the benefits of WWE betting. 

What is the WWE?

WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment. It is an American media company that hosts professional wrestling events. It started in 1952, and today, it’s become a global brand with fans worldwide. 

WWE stages wrestling events where wrestlers will compete for championship titles and belts. They would engage in daring fights in huge cells where wrestlers could do anything to bring their enemy down. 

Can We Bet on WWE?

Wrestling is a huge enterprise, and like other big sports, such as MMA with its betting games and UFC odds, you can wager on it! WWE betting is particularly unique since it only has exotic bets special to this sport. People worldwide can bet on the outcome of a match and more. You can bet in betting shops or online websites!

Popular Bets in WWE

These are some popular bets you can place in World Wrestling Entertainment. All of these require efficient research and meticulous analysis. Match-win wagers are relatively straightforward, but the following punts would require some work.

Match-Win bets

Like its name, it’s betting on a player you think will win an event, regardless of how much or how they won. In simpler terms, a player has to win once for you to earn your winnings. Match-win bets are straightforward to understand. It leaves less risk for bettors to make mistakes than more complicated bets. 

Near Fall bets

Near fall bets are where gamblers will bet on a wrestler to almost win the match. If you’ve watched WWE for quite some time, you know that the most common way for them to win is through a pin, also known as fall. 

The wrestler pins the opponent to the math with both of their shoulders touching the mat. The referee will start a count, and when the referee reaches three, the one who pins wins the match. 

However, the pinned fighter will often avoid defeat by breaking out of the pin at the very last second. It is called “near fall,” and it is something that you can bet on.

Retain Title bets

Retain title bets consider that the match could end without a winner. The defending champion should avoid losing when the title is on the line to keep their belt. In some instances, games could result in disqualification, draw, no contest, count-out, or forfeit. Or if there is a severe injury from one of the wrestlers. In these instances, the match will end.

In these bets, you are betting that a wrestler retains their title. This type of bet offers smaller odds that a match wins. 

Popular Matches in WWE

There are three main shows that WWE TV shows regularly. It includes Monday Night Raw, Smackdown, and NXT. 

Monday Night Raw

Monday Night Raw, commonly known as Raw, is a WWE program that airs at 8 pm every Monday. This WWE professional wrestling program airs on the USA Network in the United States. 


Smackdown, WWE Smackdown, or SmackDown Live, is another professional wrestling program of WWE. It airs on Tuesday nights on the same network as Monday Night Raw. The difference is that SmackDown Live acts as a complementary program to the flagship, Raw.


NXT or WWE NXT is one of the supporting brands of WWE. It serves as a developmental division. In simpler terms, it’s like the minor leagues of WWE and professional wrestling. It may be the lowest of the three divisions, but the NXT has numerous loyal fans.

Benefits of Placing a Wager on WWE

WWE betting is quite popular due to the following reasons. 

It’s Entertaining

Not only are the wrestling matches entertaining, but betting on them is also fun. Indeed, many wagers on WWE to earn money and grow their bankroll. But it is still an exciting sport to wager on and determine if your predictions were correct or not.

There is a High Value

The amount you can wager on in WWE is limited due to sportsbooks. Despite the bet limit, you can still make the best out of it. Thus, you can earn more than enough in this wrestling game. 

Little to No Risk Involved

Sportsbooks will limit the amount of action they take on WWE as a safety measure. As a result, the chances of losing are limited due to the limit of activities. 

Final Thoughts

Professional wrestling is also open to betting. You can enjoy this entertainment with your friends and family at home. Analyzing the outcome of the matches is extremely fun since it’s a mystery to the general public.