PROGRESS Chapter 134: No Mountain High Enough – Full Card – Preview

PROGRESS return to the Electric Ballroom in Camden London for Chapter 134: No Mountain High Enough this weekend on the 15th of May.

Chapter 134: No Mountain High Enough full card as announced so far;

Axel Tischer vs Jurn Simmons vs Bobby Gunns vs Maggot – Super Strong Style 16 Qualifier

Four members of the wXw Germany roster compete for a spot in the upcoming Super Strong Style 16. Axel Tischer is likely the most familiar to UK audiences as former WWE star Alexander Wolfe, Tischer recently made his debut for PROGRESS during the Atlas Tournament. Followed by Jurn Simmons who has wrestled for PROGRESS previously on a couple of occasions as well as making appearances for former Defiant Wrestling. Bobby Gunns and Maggot will not be so familiar to the UK audience unless they have been following wXw Germany on the WWE Network. Gunns is a former 2 x wXw Unified World Champion and the longest reigning Unified world champion, Maggot is a former 3 x wXw Tag Team Champion as part of the Pretty Bastards and is the current wXw Shotgun Champion.

Max the Impaler vs Raven Creed

Max the Impaler makes her PROGRESS debut at the request of Lana Austin who tricked Raven Creed into accepting a match before knowing who her opponent would actually be. Max has been laying waste to competitors across the US on the independent scene and recently started a tour of destruction in the UK making appearances for Pro Wrestling Eve, TNT Extreme and North Wrestling NCL. Raven Creed has been impressing since making her debut for PROGRESS at the Revelations Of Divine Love Tournament picking up wins against Taonga and most recently a win against Nightshade who had replaced Lana Austin in the match.

Luke Jacobs vs Roy Johnson – For Atlas Championship

Luke Jacobs makes his first defence of the Progress Atlas championship during the recent Atlas Tournament defeating the likes of Big Damo, Warren Banks and Jonah to be crowned the first Atlas Champion since 2019. Roy Johnson is one of the longest serving members on the current PROGRESS roster having initially made his debut for PROGRESS in 2016, despite this longevity this will be first time Roy Johnson has challenged for any championship in PROGRESS.

RKJ vs Leon Slater

Ricky Knight Jr makes debut for PROGRESS, the 21 year old superstar is part of famous fight Knights and is cousin of WWE superstar Paige, despite his young age RKJ as risen quickly as one of the top stars in the UK, even main eventing against Will Ospreay. Leon Slater is an absolute sensation at 17 years old he stole the show at PROGRESS’ recent all BAME show Everything Patterned London, available on Demand Progress, these two young men have the potential to steal the show.

Jonathan Gresham vs Gene Munny

Gene Munny has been campaigning since 2019 to be part of PROGRESS’ Super Strong Style 16, now he has put everything on the line, challenging the PROGRESS world Champion Jonathan Gresham for spot in this years Super Strong Style 16. Gene has stated that if he can beat Gresham it will clearly prove he belongs in the tournament however if he was unable to defeat the current champion it will just prove he should not be in the tournament.

Alexis Falcon vs Skye Smitson – Tables Match

Smitson took upon herself to attack Falcon at the PROGRESS 10th Anniversary show following a fatal 4 way No. 1 Contenders match leading to a singles match between the pair at Chapter 132. That match would go on to be ruled a no contest after both competitors were counted out of the ring, despite the match being called the two women continued to brawl until Alexxis Falcon put Skye Smitson through one of the Merch tables leading to the Tables match stipulation.

Sunshine Machine vs Smokin Aces – No.1 Contenders Match

The Smoking Ace’s Charlie Sterling and Nick Riley originally exploded onto to the PROGRESS tag scene as part of the tournament to crown new tag team champions, despite being defeated by Lykos Gym in the Semi-finals of said tournament, the Ace’s would quickly rise through the ranks eventually defeating Lykos Gym to become champions, they will be looking to get back into the title picture asap, since loosing them at the 10th Anniversary show during a tag team gauntlet match. The Sunshine Machine, TK Cooper and Chuck Mambo were the team to eliminate the Ace’s from the Gauntlet match before being falling to current champions the 0121, Sunshine Machine would go to challenge the champions once again at Chapter 132 failing to win the championships. To throw an extra wrinkle in this match will be the fact the that the champions 0121, Dan Maloney and Man Like Dereiss will be in attendance.

Spike Trivet vs Cara Noir

Trivet and Cara Noir have been embroiled in one most vicious, physical and mental rivalries in PROGRESS Wrestling history despite never stepping foot in a PROGRESS Wrestling ring in a one on one match up. The rivalry stems back to the early period of the PROGRESS WWE Network/no fan/Peckham Theatre era where despite being undefeated in PROGRESS during that period Cara Noir refused to grant Trivet a shot at his PROGRESS world championship. This lead to Spike Trivet going on a brutal tirade on the PROGRESS roster getting himself disqualified from matches and continuing assaults post match in an effort to get the Black Swan’s attention. When this failed provide the results, Trivet would cost Noir the PROGRESS World Championship in his match against Jonathan Gresham. With still no response from Noir, Trivet would go onto savagely assault Noir following his match against NXT UK champion Ilja Dragunov, which including Trivet placing a metal chain around his neck hanging from the rope and delivering vicious chair shots to the helpless Noir’s back.

I recently had chance to speak to Spike Trivet ahead of this match at Chapter 134: No Mountain High Enough about his motivations for his upcoming match which can be viewed below;

PROGRESS’ Chapter 134: Mo Mountain High Enough will be made available to stream on both the WWE Network on the Demand Progress Video on Demand service, a couple weeks following the live show. PROGRESS Atlas Tournament Weekend Chapters 132 and 133 have recently been made available stream on the WWE Network and Demand Progress.

Written by Andrew More (@GBOtaku82)

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