Tribalism In Wrestling

Tribalism In Wrestling…

Tribalism exists on every medium out there, from comic books with the rivalry between fans of DC Comics and Marvel to sports with Real Madrid and Barcelona supporters in football. Wrestling is no exceptions to this either, like we saw in the 90’s with WWE and WCW, to now with WWE and AEW.

Tribalism in today wrestling is so weird, and yet so similar to what happened back in the 90’s during the Monday Night Wars. Some people might think the internet is a recent thing but it has been around for a long time, and tribalism with wrestling promotions too. People that were around that time and used wrestling forums will tell you all about it.

Like one wrestling promotion over others is a perfectly normal thing, we all have them. It becomes a problem when it becomes your identity on social media and you start behaving like a stan. That type of behavior is not healthy l, and it won’t let you enjoy the wide spectrum that wrestling is.

Has AEW ruined wrestling on social media? That’s a question some people say on this app that love WWE, and the right answer is no. Like mentioned before, tribalism in wrestling has been around for many decades and it will be a thing until the end of time.

At the end of the day, you should enjoy the promotions you like, and thankfully most social media platforms have mute options to help you avoid weird people.

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