Cody Rhodes Reveals What Keeps Him Sane On The Road

Wrestlers travel a lot with several having their own tour buses to drive from event to event, one such wrestler who avails of this idea is Cody Rhodes.

We have seen his bus, even showing it in several Being The Elite episodes. Not everyone is so lucky to have said tour buses and even with the large manner of transport, the schedule can be rough on the body and the mind and told Corey Graves on After The Bell what keeps him sane on the road:

“I’ll give you an example what kept me sane this past weekend. I did the loop and just kept me calm and level-headed. You know, you do your Saturday Night’s Main Event, your Sunday Stunner and then you get to Raw. I brought Pharaoh, my husky. He’s 11 years old now. He’s acting like he’s 300 years old. But he came on the bus.

“That’s another thing that really has [helped me], the Bus culture. I’m getting used to this. Again, I am not gonna try and take it for granted but what a way to expand your career, physically. In terms of, ‘oh my gosh it’s all here. I can bring my family on the road with me.’ It’s all right in front of me. Not have to do the rental cars and flight every single day. So the bus culture, I am really getting in.”

Cody Rhodes on the After The Bell Podcast (WWE)

A combination of his family, bus culture and his loyal pooch Pharaoh helps Cody stay sane and it’s a big advantage wrestlers of yesteryear may have struggled to have. We have seen on the former Network show Ride Along that many superstars drive from tapings to live events in a rental car. Randy Orton recently revealed he travels by bus and spends his time playing Elden Ring.

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