Cody Rhodes Did “John Cena” Merch Numbers Wrestlemania Weekend

Cody Rhodes has had a largely eventual return to the WWE following his break where he helped launch AEW from the ground up. He returned to a massive ovation at Wrestlemania 38 where he defeated Seth Rollins. He is currently scheduled to face Rollins at Wrestlemania Backlash in a rematch and following that, he is expected to feud with Roman Reigns and if he isn’t a main eventer already – his merch sales will sway the rest of the way.

Cody Rhodes doing John Cena merch numbers is an insane statistic and really fits in with the “from undesirable to undeniable” narrative that has been pumped out from WWE since his first entrance at Wrestlemania. If he can keep those merch numbers up, it could lead to Cody being the one to defeat Roman Reigns for the Undisputed World Title.