Cody Rhodes Accepts Blame For AEW/WWE Fan Divide

It doesn’t take long on social media platforms to find two wrestling fans arguing over something and since AEW became a company in 2019, it has become a battleground on Twitter in particular.

Both companies have taken shots at each other in the past but no one took as many shots as Cody Rhodes. When he first debuted for AEW, he was constantly dropping references and shots back at WWE, now, Cody is back in WWE and admits he may have played a bigger part than thought as he spoke on After The Bell:

“I feel like that fan base, that divide that exists amongst all the different bubbles, if there was any negativity, well I can put some of the blame on my shoulders.”

“The last shows I had done before making this WWE return, I’m taking little fun potshots and talking smack which is what wrestlers do. I think sometimes the fans that attach themselves to those statements forget that we are in the realm of entertainment, but I added to the tribalism myself, so I can’t necessarily get mad at it when I see it.”

Cody Rhodes on After The Bell

Of course, Rhodes admits his toxicity and feels that he may have made his own bed by creating these fans who are so devoted for their favourite wrestling company they will get into personal arguments about it on Twitter. There were a couple of significant shots that Cody took, like destroying a throne with a sledgehammer in a shot at Triple H.

Time will tell if Cody will take shots back at AEW now he is under WWE contract again.

H/T WrestlingNews For Transcription