Top Hits From The April 6th, 2022 Episode Of AEW Dynamite

Chris King is here to bring you his top hits from this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite. 

Christian Cage & Adam Cole:

Holy crap is my first reaction. Good lord these two produced a banger of a match. Christian is one of those in-ring veterans that doesn’t have to be on television every week but, man can he still go! Adam Cole got some good offense in and some excellent near falls. 

The challenger for the AEW World Championship stole the win and received a Texas death wish next week on Rampage! 

Samoa Joe Is A Bad Bad Man:

Samoa Joe went one-on-one with Max Caster in a short sweet and simple annihilation. It was awesome to finally see the Muscle Buster again. So many people are about to get killed by the Samoan killer and I can’t wait. 

MJF On Commentary Is Gold/Wardlow Gets A Laugh

MJF was on commentary for Shawn Spears’ match and it was just hilarious. He called Tony Schiavone a prick and made a remark about his double chin. Wardlow tore through security and made it all the way into the arena where he cost Spears the match. 

I love this and the crowd goes nuts for the big man. I feel like the moment Wardlow gets his hands on MJF the whole crowd will be cheering so loud. 

LAX Mean Business:

Eddie Kingston, Santana, and Ortiz finally got their hands on Chris Jericho and his appreciation society. They called out the cowards for ass-kicking next week. 

The Hardy’s Are Nuts:

Matt and Jeff Hardy faced The Butcher and The Blade in a wild tables match. While

I love to see the Hardy Boyz still performing death-defying stunts, sooner or later one of them is getting injured. 

Jurassic Express & Redragon Next Week

Jungle Boy and Luchasarus challenged Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish next week putting their titles on the line. I don’t think that’s wise. 

Keith Lee Is A Freak

During a backstage segment, Keith Lee saved Swerve Strickland from Powerhouse Hobbs and Ricky Starks. Lee freaking smashed Hobbs through a damn wall! 

FTR VS The Young Bucks 2: Main Event

Both the AAA Tag Team and ROH Championships were on the line in an explosive rematch. It was weird seeing FTR positioned as babyfaces but the crowd was red hot for them versus how they despised The Bucks. Nick and Matt Jackson are such slimy heels that relish in the boos. 

Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood are well-oiled machine and are exciting to watch as they countered The Bucks at every turn. There were a dozen close near falls. The Bucks tried to steal the victory even hitting a Big Rig on the champs but it wasn’t enough. Cash and Dax intercepted a tombstone double-team and delivered a BTE Trigger and the Big Rig for the solid victory!